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Whether you are an existing client and you need some help and guidance, or a new client looking to find out more, I'm here to help. I assist VR developers and programmers and build Unique VR and Web systems and websites in Krpano. VRW Demos & examples below: What is possible, panoramic tours, interactive virtual tours and VR games in Desktop or VR modes with Absolutely NO downloads needed to view.

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Virtual Reality Websites - Track Tasks to Database

Questionnaire Management System
A powerful and flexible website tool to track what responses a user or client made to the various questions asked or tasks completed within the Krpano VR environment to a database.
This could be used for testing staff on anything or track Clients experience in Krpano.

Krpano Database System
Krpano DatabaseSystem


Virtual Reality Websites - Dental Office

Krpano - Dental Office Krpano VR Mode also. View into a dental practice.

Krpano Dental Office
Krpano Dental Office
iphone and tablet


Virtual Reality Websites - Krpano 360 Social Media

While at a recent rugby match and seeing various faces shown on the big screen. I thought if someone took a 360 picture of the event people could share and show they were there and not just send a selfie of the event.

360 Social Media 360 Social Media(Example)
Krpano 360 Social Media


Virtual Reality Websites - Wikipedia

Krpano Wikipedia - Shows Wikipedia you can search and view in Krpano VR Mode and search at the same time. Calling an external URL or browser.

Krpano Wikipedia

Wiki VR Youtube
Krpano Wiki
iphone and tablet


Virtual Reality Websites - Camera

Krpano Camera Trainer - Shows how buttons work on a camera.

Krpano Camera

Camera Youtube
Krpano Camera
iphone and tablet


Virtual Reality Websites - InstaVRGallery

Krpano Instagram VR Gallery - (InstaVRGallery) Automatically create an Instagram VR Gallery by inputting an InstagramAccessToken.


InstaVRGallery Youtube
Krpano Dental Office
iphone and tablet


Virtual Reality Websites - Krpano Bikeworks

Bikeworks : ( STROKE )All Welcome to Bikeworks. All Ability Cycling Competition and Fun Day. Thursday, 12th of April 2018. With speech.

Krpano Bikeworks


Virtual Reality Websites - Krpano POTC

Homage to POTC, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirates Map - Mao Kun Map. Rotating Pirates Map

Pirates Map
Krpano Pirates Map


Virtual Reality Websites - Krpano Products Search

See how quickly you can find items/products within various VR rooms. VR Environments could be: MUSEUMS, SHOPS, SHOWS, GALLERIES and THEME PARKS.

Rooms Search
Krpano Rooms Search


Virtual Reality Websites - Krpano Mask Shopping Cart

Horror Mask Shopping within a horror house with scary music. Plus a check-out screen.

Mask Shopping
Krpano Mask Shopping


Virtual Reality Websites - Krpano Effortless VR

While virtual reality environments can seem overwhelmingly large, UI designers can only focus on a fraction of this environment. Comfort is key to creating an enjoyable VR user experience. Head movement needs to be restricted to the limitations of the human body.

Effortless VR
Krpano Virtual Reality Websites Effortless VR


Virtual Reality Websites - Krpano Scary Passages

Scary Passages Escape Game. Best viewed using VR Goggles and head phone. Completely immersive Gyro motion Scary Passages. Warning Scary Content

Scary Passages VR
Krpano Game Military Sniper VR
iphone and tablet

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