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Krpano CMS - Virtual Reality: Art Gallery, Property, Marine Ships for VR, Krpano, MySQL, HTML5 & PHP
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1. Art gallery admin system shows paintings on the fly from database results and appears in the room. 2. Property admin system allows you to highlight properties and to click into them, also using map marker, plus allowing you to search properties available. 3. 360 Marine admin system (Shipping Containers & Cruise Ships) is transforming the maritime industry with high resolution images - providing interactive 360 degree visualisation of existing physical vessel assets. 4. Panorama Upload Management System (PUMS) Upload 360/VR photos. Easily create Virtual Tours. Share it anywhere!

  • Krpano Art Gallery Admin SystemVR Art Gallery
  • Krpano Property Admin SystemVR Property
  • Krpano Marine 360 Admin System
    VR Marine Ships
  • Krpano Panorama Uploads Admin System
    VR Panorama Uploads

  • Krpano CMS Admin System - Home Screen VR CMS Home Screen
  • Krpano CMS Admin System - Picture Add VR CMS Picture Add
  • Krpano CMS Admin System - Textbox Add VR CMS Textbox Add
  • Krpano CMS Admin System - Upload Pics/Icons VR CMS Upload Pics/Icons


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