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Krpano Plugins: 3D Object, Youtube, HTML, VR Pano, Picture Slider for VR, Krpano, MySQL, HTML5 & PHP
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1. 3D Object plugin can be set as Hotspot or Layer for this example I'm using Sketchfab 3D Objects. 2. Youtube object as Hotspot or Layer. 3. HTML page or HTML data object as a Hotspot or as a Layer. 4. Embeded VR panorama object as a Hotspot or a Layer. 5. Embeded Picture slider plugin.

  • Krpano 3D Objects Skecthfab3D Object - Skecthfab
  • Krpano 3D Object Layer3D Object - Layer
  • Krpano Plugins Youtube Layer
    Plugins Youtube - Layer
  • Krpano Plugins HTML Layer
    Plugins HTML - Layer


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